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Elnagh brand

For 60 years, Elnagh has been creating, innovating and redesigning the concept of movement. From the flexible fork for motor driven bicycles to the motorhome, Elnagh expresses all its exquisitely Milanese ingenuity with the same creativity that characterizes fabrics from the Eden of fashion.

With one of the largest fleets circulating in Europe, Elnagh is the best known brand on the road and in campgrounds. Elaborate words are no longer needed to describe it because each of its products contains everything that has always distinguished the brand and its history: inventiveness, determination and engineering. Thanks to its youthful inventors, skilled artisans, project technicians and designers, Elnagh is a company one step ahead of the game, offering elegant and functional solutions with an attention to detail that only solid experience can offer. Marco Polo was familiar with precious fabrics, Michelangelo was a master artist, Christopher Columbus studied sea routes. Elnagh creates campers. An Elnagh camper is a jewel of precision and comfort.



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